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Bioregulatory Medicine

Bioregulatory Medicine is a modern, sophisticated system of medicine. It is currently the most prescribed form of CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine) in Germany, where it has been used for over 50 years. Bioregulatory medicine was originally developed by Dr Hans Heinrig Reckeweg as an expansion of homoeopathic philosophy, but it is now used by both allopathic and homeopathic practitioners. Bioregulatory medicine is currently supported by about one hundred clinical trials, making this a scientifically validated modality.

An Explanation on Bioregulatory Medicine
Physiological 'balance' or homeostasis / self regulation is the central focus of bioregulatory medicine. This modality focuses itself on the highly complex interactions that occur between the intra and extracellular spaces, and hence the individual’s ability to regulate, regenerate, adapt and self heal.
Medications are prescribed in order to have an effect on what is known as the 3 pillars of bioregulatory medicine:

  • Detoxification and drainage of homotoxins and metabolites from exogenous and endogenous sources.
  • Immunomodulation of the body, in particular acute and chronic inflammatory responses.
  • Functional organ and cellular support

Bioregulatory medicine can be used in isolation or safely in combination with chronic allopathic medication with minimal to no side effects.


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